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IV Infusion

Our nurses provide clinical and supportive services to individuals in need of infusion therapy. Our infusion nurse’s primary focus is to maintain patient safety through comprehensive management of patient infusion needs. Our IV Infusion Nurses have the experience to:

  • Plan for and insert an efficient vascular access device (VAD)
  • Manage and administer the therapeutic treatment regimen as ordered
  • Recognize and manage complications
  • Oversee the conclusion of treatment and VAD discontinuation

Wound Care

Our Wound Care Program focuses not only on the treatment and healing of wounds but also on the patient’s overall health.

Our nurses are trained and experienced in wound management, the healing process, and the selection and use of effective wound products and devices.

Our expert nurses are at the forefront of treatment and prevention of acute and chronic wounds for patients in the home environment.

Diabetic Care

Our diabetes home care disease management program is designed to be culturally competent and age-specific while providing individualized patient education directed toward self-management.

The overall goals of this program are to prevent Diabetes disease progression, complications, hospitalizations and provide patients with a better quality of life.

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